Ou Meul Bakkery

We stopped at Ou Meul Bakkery in Riviersonderend on our road trip. It came highly recommended by Chris and Carla and is definitely well worth a visit. We stopped there again on the way back home, for more pies and pastries, it was so good.

Tannie Rina uses family recipes for the traditional South African inspired pastries. The pies are flakey and delicious, bread is fresh and their breakfasts are a great way to start your day. Coffee is also good and we took some home with us. It is often so packed, with queues out the door and into the street. Luckily we got there early enough to secure our own table and a friendly, efficient waitron. The second time around our waitress (a different one from the first visit) was rather rude and short with us. Hope it was just a once off, bad day for her... That won't stop us from returning though.

If you aren't a regular in Riviersonderend then you can visit their new branches in the Western Cape: Willowbridge, Cape Town and Welgemoed. Riviersonderend is the original, though, and in my opinion has the most character. Visit them all!

more coffee for our travelling collection

Hertzoggie for dessert - a traditional South African tea-time treat

no road trip is complete without a bag of biltong. Not to be confused with beef jerky, ever.

baker explaining to Rufus how the magic is made

Road Trip

We spend most of our time outside of South Africa but, whenever we go home, we are always blown away by it's beauty. The Western Cape is especially beautiful for me, because of the diversity of the landscape and how quickly you can get from white sandy beaches to tropical forests to fynbos covered mountains or snow capped peaks overlooking perfectly manicured vineyard valleys.

Diana, my ridiculously generous best friend, loaned me her car for our entire three month stay, no strings attached. SERIOUSLY. I cannot begin to explain what a blessing that was and I don't know how I will ever thank her. When I returned it to her just before we left, she told me that she and Anton believed it was "going to a better home" where it would be "taken care of". Haha! I almost sprayed my coffee through my nose... I hope we did just that. Thank you, lady. x

We took a few days off from building Rufus' dad's house to visit friends up the coast and these are a few shots from the car on our way up to Mossel Bay.

Anne en Francoin Trou

One of the many positives about being back in SA was the opportunity to celebrate love and life with our friends. We had originally declined wedding invitations when we thought that we wouldn't be in the country but, as soon as we returned, we were quickly welcomed back onto the various guest lists. 

The first of these celebrations was Anne and Francoin's wedding. This was a very special one for us because it was a rare occasion where we could see almost all of our nearest and dearest friends under one roof. These days it is hard to get so many good friends together, with everyone travelling or working in different provinces/countries. It was also special because although Rufus and Anne have been friends for years, the first time I met her was exactly 7 years before on our wedding day, which is the day after theirs!

We enjoyed some of the best wedding speeches we have heard in a long time, a phenomenal steak dinner, enough beautifully hand crafted deserts to send Rufus into a food coma and more laughter and dancing than we could physically handle. We camped at the venue that night and our wake up call was from Ross and Margot, who deposited their eternally happy baby girl, Anya, into our bed. It was like having a smiley baby bear to snuggle with, wearing her fuzzy bear eared onesie. We woke up with joy and laughter, no better way to start our seven year wedding anniversary!

Annie, we wish you and Francoin all the joy and laughter, love and happiness you can imagine together, and MORE! Married life really does keep getting better as the years roll by. Hard times are unavoidable but they are valuable in the sense of glueing you tighter together, strengthening your relationship and allowing you to appreciate the good times that much more. You two are truly blessed and so is your life together. Thank you for including us in your celebration and we are honoured to be part of your life and witness your journey. We love you!

Anne, the beautiful bride, and her groom, Francoin!

The happy couple, Mr & Mrs Visser!

Rufus and Claude reunited after a year

Left: mooiste Margot, one of Anne's bridesmaids.  Top: Rufus and I waiting to throw rose petals at the newlyweds.

my favourite, relaxing under the trees while the wedding photos were being snapped

Above: the evening's most eligible bachelors ;)  Right: the lovely Marelize, and Rufus

My face hurt by the end of the afternoon, from all the laughter and smiles

Linka joined our group, playing games on the lawn

table details

Annie en Francoin gave us each a pouch filled with indigenous wildflower seeds as gifts to take with us.

Home Sweet Home

I finally got my external hard drive back! That means I can start posting all the good stuff from our 3 month stay in South Africa. The first one I want to begin with is the beautiful home of our friends, Evi and Jochem. They generously allowed us to use it as our own for a big part of our stay in SA. They also trusted us with their three furry children: Jack, Juno and Oscar. Needless to say we totally fell in love with these three characters and it was a particularly hard goodbye for me with Juno :(

Evi and Jochem are the talented duo behind Home Concept, a company based in Somerset West, that specialises in creating exquisite homes from the plans for a bare piece of ground, the construction and project management, right through to furnishing the interior of the completed home and even creating custom pieces of furniture tailored to their individual clients. Rufus and I have been involved, in a small part, with a few of their projects (through our steel fabrication company, when we were still based in South Africa) and every time we go back to South Africa we get updates and view the new projects. 

It is truly a "WOW" moment every time we step into one of their homes. It is clear that each project is extremely personal to them both and no expense, personal or otherwise is spared to make sure that every detail is perfect and their client's dream realised. They have a very high standard and so it is somewhat intimidating photographing their home and posting on their work!

Thank you to you both for your generosity and love. We are always blown away by how much you give of yourselves, not just to us but everyone in your lives, even strangers. Thank you for inspiring us and supporting us in our dreams. You are family x

view of the lounge from the bedroom upstairs

Jack on the left and Oscar (the boss) above

Juno and her toy

Sunset over the Helderberg valley with Pa and Rufus

TTSA 2014: Part 4 - Cape Town

This is actually a double throwback to January 2013, a morning in Cape Town city, with the Winterbach family. It was especially special because Lesley, Chris' sister, was in the country and we don't often get to see her as she is also based overseas now. 

I had to add this in because we always have such a great time with them  - lots of laughter and great conversation. This was just after we left Melody, in Tobago, to go back to Zambia to work for a year and earn more cash to fund the next leg of our sailing journey.

My favourite photo of this set is the first one, of Chris and Rufus. It makes me laugh out loud every time I look at it - no exaggeration. It perfectly sums these two up for me, when they are together. Also, Chris looks like a dassie (if a dassie would turn into a human. Click here for proof.) here, which is rather appropriate because he claims to "speak their language"... That's not at all weird if you know Chris, I promise. 

This was a perfect summer day in the city. Cape Town is not a typical dirty overcrowded city, like many others in the world. It has a lot of history, beautiful heritage buildings and cobblestone streets. It is flanked by Table Mountain, one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, some of the most beautiful beaches in the Southern Hemisphere and is home to a few of the world's 50 best restaurants.

It is always a treat going back to South Africa.

these two crack me up!

view of Table Mountain from Carla's balcony

love these three weirdos

city love

vintage vibes - many beautiful vintage vehicles in Cape Town

good coffee. good vibes.

what shall we chooooose??!

Dassie en Aapgesig. Sneeee!

Hougie en Cheese.

"I'd rather be swimming" Always!

Breakfast: Chris, Carla, Danie, Lesley, Sara, Kate, Rufus

Lesley & Sara. Excellent genetics in this family. Beauties x

Father and son humour

family x