Bottom Lift

The next step was to lift old Melodious out of the water and have her grid blasted and repainted. A gruelling task and living on the hard for two weeks was a blow to everyone’s morale. The Yacht Port SA in Saldanha Bay, however, definitely made our stay far more bearable for which we are grateful. In between all the hard work there were plenty of memorable moments,  we managed to have a sunset sail on Mini Melody, our tender boat – Carla’s first sailing experience! As well as celebrating the arrival of 2011, well at least we tried. All of us, but Chris and Wilhelm, fell asleep before mid night – a little embarrassing at our age but HAPPY NEW YEAR anyway! Unlike most of the world we woke up on the first day of the new year feeling fresh and ready to paint and when looking at what we had accomplished, it was definitely all worth it.


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