Windows, Paint and Controls

The imminent arrival of heavy rain on Monday made sealing the windows a priority. The painful hard work put in by Kate and Rufus over the weekend ensured that we now have a dry boat – something we are all very thankful for and happy about. Wilhelm worked away on our scoop moulds and the new morse control which, after installation, will make Melody mobile again after months of being confined to the harbour. In an attempt to make our boat look a little more presentable, Mini-Melody (our tender) was rescued from drowning and used to manoeuvre around the side of Melody in order to give her a good clean. The grey paint patches that once covered the deck and contributed to her shabby appearance have been obliterated by a lovely coat of  super white paint. The deck is now a mixture of blinding white patches and old discoloured paint. All  in preparation for the major deck painting that will be happening this weekend –  weather permitting. 


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