Changing Times

Wow it’s been a while and man have there been some interesting things happening over the last month or so. After resigning from my job in Cape Town at the end of April, in the belief that we would be departing in May, it was clear that we had all been a little optimistic. Things on old Melodious were not going as smoothly as we had hoped and our constant battle with time and finances was killing all of our motivation for our amazing project. Things had to change quickly if we wanted our dream to ever materialize.

So we began making a plan. I was fortunate enough to be able to return to an incredibly busy JLB Architects. Rufus organized a job and within a week found himself in Zambia, running a construction site. While Wilhelm landed an amazing position at a new boat yard developing incredible racing yachts. These new developments have obviously shifted our departed date out by a few months but as a team we have decided that it’s the right move. Things are looking up.


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