Paint Fumes and Friends

We said a sad farewell to Kate this week. She was given the amazing opportunity to go up to Zambia and join Rufus. We’re super stoked for them and are looking forward to their return towards the end of the year. Back at harbour Island, some serious work was done over the long weekend. The cabins are really beginning to come together – loads of sanding was done and a good amount of paint fumes were inhaled. The sunny weather brought us numerous welcomed visitors. On Saturday Jan popped in for a beer but performed a miraculous Houdini before his picture could be taken J. Janneman and Robyn came round on Sunday and we shared another perfect winter’s evening at the local pub, Berties Mooring, with Gerald laying down some wicked blues. John, Kirsten and Eric visited on Tuesday morning – they are toying with the idea of buying a yacht and wanted to see what it’s all about. We hope all the obvious hard work didn’t put them off the idea – the work will pay off in the end. Tuesday also brought us good old Jumpy – Wilhelm did his first Atlantic crossing with Mark. His enthusiasm and support is always an inspiration.


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