Pimp My Boat

The ocean delivered in mighty fashion this past weekend, dishing up a 7m + westerly swell that curled into False Bay on Friday evening. Instead of signing up for another session of extreme carpentry, Vivian and I set off for Cape Town on Saturday morning in search of new mooring lines.

Whilst browsing for lines we spotted some serious bling to pimp out the “old lady”. We returned from our excursion with shiny new door locks for the cabins, two stainless steel faucets and a stainless sink for the galley!

Jumping with excitement we arrived at Harbour Island early on Sunday morning only to discover we couldn’t get through the marina security gate due to a power outage in the area. Short of fetching Mini Melody (the tender boat) from the workshop in order to row past the barbed wire security fence, someone promptly arrived with a key.

We managed to get loads done even though we had to resort back to good old fashioned hand tools. Awesome Weekend!


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