Greetings from Zambia!

As you probably know, from Viv’s previous posts, Rufus has been working in Kitwe, Zambia since early June. After two months apart a dear friend gifted me a plane ticket so that I could join him on his “African adventure”. It all happened at the speed of light and less than a week later I arrived in Ndola, the closest town to Kitwe, with an airport. To say that Rufus and I were happy to see one another would be the understatement of the millennium – this was the best birthday gift I could have ever wished for! Thank you, B.

We live in a company house which we share with two fellow South African’s, Alfie and Willie. Each house is assigned a live in gardener/security guard and a maid. Most houses were built by the British around the 1960’s & 70’s and almost all of them have large well kept gardens, perfect for a Sunday braai in the summery weather.

Our main goal here is to work hard and make cash to pay off debt and then fund the trip. Rufus is managing the construction of Kitwe’s first shopping mall. Although this is a massive responsibility it is one he is more than equipped for and, most importantly, passionate about. I am working with an international steel company, as an accounts systems consultant, helping them to create more efficient operating systems. This is also a fantastic challenge for me and I am enjoying every minute.

Rufus wasted no time in introducing me to the locals and their customs. He took me to the market where we enjoyed a typical Zambian dish, known as N’shima (pronounced ‘shima’). Our total bill: K (kwacha) 7000= R10.50 (less than USD $1.50) for two people!

Kitwe is an awesome place. The people are genuinely friendly and peaceful. The atmosphere is relaxed, almost too relaxed… The weather is phenomenal – it is winter here but the average daily temp is about 28 degrees, with a slight breeze. The food is delicious and the local coffee rivals my regular Vida Meia back in S.A. – can it get any better?!


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1. On the road from Ndola to Kitwe 2. bargaining over rice prices at the market (note massive sack of dried Mopane worms, right next to rice)  3. the restaurant where we sampled our 1st authentic local dish  4. N’shima with chicken & beans  5. our home till December  6. the local coffee in a handmade fabric bag


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