Summer Berth

The weather last weekend was absolutely incredible and in perfect  timing for one of the first weekends we’ve given ourselves off in a while. Wilhelm enjoyed three days of sailing with Joe and Nigel in the Spring Regatta on a 24ft Flameca, while I soaked up some Cape Town warmth. On Saturday evening we celebrated my 26th Birthday with friends on Clifton beach to a perfect sunset,  which was followed by a lively family lunch in Stellenbosch on Sunday.

The galley is coming along nicely and after much thought we decided to redo the pilot berth in the saloon. The daunting task took far less time than we expected and the structure for the berth, together with the storage area, is basically complete and looking great! The next challenge is to lift up all the floor boards and have them sanded and painted. While the boards are out of the boat, we’ll need to hook up the water tanks and finish off all the other systems within the saloon.


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1. Sunset at Clifton 4th.  2. Pilot berth construction.  3. View of the pilot berth looking towards the navigation table.  4. View towards the companion way.  5. Bunk.  6. Food storage. 7. New gas line.  8. Amazing cupcakes from Chris & Carla :).  9 & 10. Spring Regatta.

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