Hoova Manoova

It was back to work this weekend and with the new addition to our crew, Kärcher aka The Hungry Kanarie, plenty was done! New shelving was added alongside the pilot berth and both the salt water and fresh water pumps were dry fitted in the galley. All the recent add-ons were given a couple of layers of primer and are ready for top coat. The floor boards have been removed and taken to the workshop and we’re looking forward to their return. The “Kanarie” was put to good use and we gave the entire boat a thorough and well deserved clean.


First published on offtheline.co.za

1. Sundowners on Friday evening.  2. Kärcher aka The Hungry Kanarie.  3. Pilot berth with new shelving.  4. Floor boards removed.  5. Painting the galley.  6. Fitting pump bracket.  7. Pump feet. 8. Enjoying a draught on Sunday afternoon.

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