Jamming To The Fuzz

The corner at the entrance to the galley was chamfered and it work out so damn well, that it had to be done on the other side too – Thanks Ruf! The lights in the galley and in Rufus and Kate’s cabin were installed and the whole saloon was given a top coat, enabling us to finally install the radio and  speakers. The sound of the fuzzy radio was pretty awesome but next time we’ll be sure to bring along some decent tunes. The party is getting started! 


First published on offtheline.co.za

1. Saloon.  2. Chamfered corner.  3. Speaker and Radio  4. Shelf with new radio.  5. Galley worktop in progress. 6. Wilhelm being an electrician. 7. Lights in Rufus and Kate’s cabin. 8 Galley lights. 9. Sunday fishing. 

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