Emotional Rescue

Well it’s been a while, and over the last few weeks it has been another challenging time over at old Melodious. Lifting the floor boards left our lady looking a little less then pleasant and the discovery that the diesel tanks needed to be cleaned and repainted, due to a built up of gunk, was a little blow to our morale. After an amazing trip away with friends to the North of the country, we returned feeling rejuvenated and ready for the under floor challenge. With help from Bobby, we managed to have the tanks nicely cleaned and Wilhelm was able to coat the entire area with a glossy coat of paint – the saloon is looking a whole lot better, even with the absence of the floors. After great anticipation we gave the galley countertop a coat of Glatex 8 and it’s looking super shiny! The front face was also fixed and given a couple of layers of top coat, so now the galley is only a few steps away from being ready. Things are on the up and with the added motivation from the Rolling Stones it just keeps on getting better!

First published on offtheline.co.za

1. Viv sanding the galley front face.  2. Saloon with table and engine cover in place.  3. Painting the counter top with Glatex 8.  4. Shiny galley!  5. Table base plate.  6. Diesel tanks.  7 & 8. Painted diesel tanks. 10. Saloon.  11. Painted galley front face.  12. Viv and Wil.

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