Not So Puzzled

After having the floor boards sanded down, Wilhelm and I slogged them back to Melody to do a dry fit. Replacing the boards was more like putting a puzzle together and required a little sawing here and a little planing there, before accomplishing the nice snug fit we were after. Having the boards returned transformed her interior and gave us an awesome glimpse of what she’ll be looking like in a couple of weeks time. After all the excitement we regretted having to haul them all out again and take them back to the workshop, where we gave them a nice glossy layer of Glatex. The good news is that once we return them to their rightful spot we will be able to finish off the saloon and they will hopefully remain there for a while.

Cole and Lisa made their first appearance at Harbour Island to pay us a visit and after a thorough tour of our future home, we had a celebratory lunch at Ocean Basket. This weekend was a milestone. It marked a year since we first set our eyes on our Old Melodious, as well as, only 6 weeks until Rufus and Kate’s return – We’re counting down the days!

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