Cooking On Gas

It is amazing how a fresh coat of paint and a few wooden trims can transform a space and tie up months of hard work. During the past week the newly constructed saloon settees were painted and dry-fitted in place. What an improvement!
On Saturday and Sunday the fiddle around the galley top and the shelf trims were fabricated and fitted. The joinery would not have been possible without Greg’s radial arm saw. The resulting hairline mitre joints were well worth the effort of slogging the saw down to the boat – thanks Greg!

The fact that all the trims were fabricated from reclaimed wood, our old cockpit benches, made success taste even sweeter!

The galley top and newly fitted fiddles were sealed just in time for the return of Melody’s stove/oven.

The guys at Strand Gas Depot did an amazing job with servicing the retro beauty!

We should be cooking on gas before the end of the week! No more hotdogs – YES!


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