Into False Bay after 12 Months

Yesterday we cranked up Melody’s 80HP motor, stowed all the paint cans and tools, and motored her out into the bay for the first time in 12 months…

It was so nice to be out on the water again with our ‘sea tank’, and we could feel that Melody was eager to satisfy us with her performance – and she sure did. She ran beautifully and we just could not get the smiles of our faces. Bliss…

Why did it take so long…we moved the steering system below, we changed the controls, we rewired the motor / alternator, we changed the waterpipes, replaced the solinoid on the starter and cleaned the diesel tanks and retreated them…this along with the other million things we are upgrading and the 6 month absence of Ruf and Kate = 12 months

Within a few weeks she should be sailing…yes!!! 


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