Sunday Cruise

After having a memorable sunset cruise on Friday evening it was back to work on Saturday morning. With Rufus tackling the dreaded lazarette , he managed to do an amazing job in cleaning it up and giving it a layer of paint, all in the gruelling heat. Wilhelm replaced some of the old engine pipes and fitted a water strainer to the engine, as well as taking on some electrics. We now have a operating log (an instrument to measure our speed through the water)and a fancy transparent spaghetti of pipes transporting  super clean water to our mighty engine. I installed some long needed latches to the cabin doors to stop the formidable banging and spent the rest of the day trying to be useful – I’m not sure if it worked.  

On Sunday we awoke on  the boat to a disappointingly chilly and overcast day but motivated by the arrival of Chris and Carla, we revved up our dear Melodious and took her for an awesome motor in the Bay. The trip was topped off with the sighting of some playful seals, a school of dolphins in the distance and a lunch stop at a South African favourite, the ever faithful Spur.

Rufus has been doing such an incredible job since he’s been back on Melody. Seeing the amazing progress as the days go by makes me realise how close we are to living our dream. Ruf, thank you for all your hard work. You are keeping us motivated and so excited about this adventure of ours.



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