Cockpit Canvas – The Making Of

For the last two weeks Rufus and I have been working on the canvas/pvc ‘windows’ for the cockpit. This is a huge priority for us as it makes living on board so much more comfortable, especially in winter.

The cover makes sure that we are protected from the wind and rain but still allows for excellent visibility while helming. It also prevents rain (and icy wind) from entering the companion way and into the saloon which is a huge bonus.

We wanted to stick to the existing navy blue colour scheme of the boat but unfortunately the kind of canvas we needed couldn’t be sourced in that colour, within our budget, so we went with grey instead. The final product looks so smart that we are going to do all the covers (life raft, compass, tender and stack pack) in the same.

This was a serious team effort by Rufus and myself. Ruf created the design and patterns while I stitched it all together (also with Ruf’s assistance as the pieces were so big and bulky!). It was a major operation as we do not have the correct industrial machines to work with pvc and heavy duty canvas. But we always make a plan so, after quite a few late nights, and a lot of brain storming (and unpicking) it worked even better than we planned!


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