Solar Power

We recently installed our brand new solar panel! Our ‘neighbours’ in Harbour Island, the Louw family, kindly gifted us this 110 watt panel in exchange for some work on their sails.

Once again our team’s knowledge, experience and skills saved us quite a bit of money. The panel needed a stainless steel frame to secure it to the back of the boat. A quote from a local manufacturer ended up being almost the same price as the new panel itself. In the end, thanks to Rufus’ background in the steel & construction industries, his sturdy custom design cost us a quarter of the quoted price (it also helps when the labour is free…).

The solar panel, together with the wind charger and smart power consumption, will provide enough electricity to run our lights, navigation equipment and refrigerator etc.

We would like to say a BIG thank you to Robbie Louw and his family for their generosity. This panel will make life on board a lot easier and safer as we travel the world. 


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