Our talented friend Rory and his beautiful wife Erla brought their two gorgeous little girls, Bailey & Isla-Dean, to visit us on the boat a while back. Rory & Erla were at my birthday party two years ago, where this whole dream started and they have never stopped supporting and believing in us or doubted that this dream would ever be realised.

Our team is blessed to have many friends like Rory and Erla. It is those kinds of friendships that help to motivate us through the bad times, when things are rough, and to celebrate with us when everything goes well!

Thank you to ALL our friends who have made the effort to come and see the boat, to those who have contributed to our dream and those who have helped to keep us going with uplifting words of encouragement.

Your support means the world to us and we hope to be able to give back even more than what you have blessed us with!


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