Happy Dance

I had come to terms with the fact that the existing cushions on the boat would be a permanent feature in my day to day life during our travels. The misfits were too small for the benches after the refit and the fabric had become old and dated but at least they were soft, so they would do.

 Helene, our friend and talented interior designer, saw the problem and together with The Trumpet Tree Social Café  came to the rescue, offering to make us cushions that fit the adjusted benches as well as upholstering them all. The new cushions look unbelievable and have turned our floating house into a home that reflects all the hard work we’ve put in over the last year and half. I still can’t believe how fortunate we have been and every time I climb into the boat my inner architect does an elaborate happy dance. The different greys from the L-bench and the Pilot bench complement each other,  the contrast between the white walls,  grey fabric and dark wood trims works so well and somehow we’ve managed to colour coordinate with all the grey canvas on the exterior of the boat.  A work of genius from all our parts – happy me!

I would like to thank Helene for her huge effort and to The Trumpet Tree Social Café  for making it happen. If you are ever in Stellenbosch pop into their courtyard for a beer or two, behind the historical Oom Samie se Winkel in Dorp Steet –  It is one of our favourite spots in town.


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