Farewell False Bay

The last couple of weeks have been insanely busy in final preparations for our trip, with plenty of administration and stocking up on food and other supplies. Melody officially became our home this Saturday as we organised things for our departure. We had numerous visitors and had to say some emotional farewells to amazing friends who have supported us endlessly during the last two years. Our first stop is Hout Bay, a good test sail and close enough to home to fetch the few things we have inevitably forgotten.

We were beaten in our early start on Sunday morning by all the fishermen from the Harbour Island angling club, who set off at dawn for an angling competition in the Bay. It was a great opportunity to say our farewells to all the members who have become our friends during our stay in Harbour Island. We will miss our neighbours with their humorous comments, tremendous support and good spirits towards us and our adventure, thank you for two incredible years. In disbelief we finally waved good bye to Harbour Island, only to be met by Janneman, Johannes and John on Peanuts sailing along side us as we bid farewell to our home port.

Rounding Cape Point is always an exhilarating experience and even though the winds were unfavourable and we eventually needed to start our roaring engine, the breath taking beauty of the point is something that one can never quite explain. The waves break against the rock face with intent force and the radiant blue beats up against the green Fynbos and clear white sands, it is both powerful and peaceful at the same time. Nature is alone somehow at this point.

Hout Bay is our first stop in our journey and entering the mountainous bay made this adventure of ours real . We have FINALLY begun. We will be in Hout Bay for about a week so pop in and pay us a visit. 


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