Saldanha Days

Having been in Saldanha Bay for nearly a week we have had plenty of time to get into chill mode, while still fitting in the odd chore. Last week was pretty chilly but the arrival of spectacular summer weather this weekend definitely made up for it. We spent Saturday alongside the pontoon at the club, allowing us to do the last few things that require a decent amount of electricity and fresh water. Kate and I spent the whole day doing two weeks worth of washing using the clubs scaryingly temperamental twin tub washing machine, an experience and a half! We have been doing a fair amount of reading, eating and planning for the first part of our journey. The great weather inspired the boys to hookup a towing system to our tender, in preparation for our future surfing adventures, and braved the freezing West Coast water to test it out. It was very entertaining to watch but I’ll wait for the warm water in the tropics to give that a go.

The predicted weather has been fickle but we’re hoping that things will line up for a departure on Friday, lets hope. In the meantime we have set up our chores schedule which entails four categories: Cleaning of the Heads, Cooking, Surface cleaning and Dishes. Each day we rotate the tasks, all in the hope of keeping our home a clean and happy one :). In the next few days we will somehow make a plan to get to the Vredenberg Mall to buy our fresh goods (life without a car is something to get use to), add a few more lighter sockets to the saloon area and do the final water top ups while we wait.


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