Family Farewell

This is our final week in South Africa (for serious!) and so our families have been visiting to say their farewells. I cannot tell a lie: this whole goodbye thing is quite emotional. I’m not a big crier but man have I balled my eyes out, not just when my family said goodbye but for Rufus and Vivian’s family too.

You have to remember that with a project like this it’s not just us four team members that work hard to realise the dream, our families play such a huge role; with emotional support, guidance, supplies etc, and saying goodbye is like leaving part of our team behind.

On Saturday Rufus’ mom, dad and sister Cherie came to the yacht club and, as always, Mamma Brand dazzled us with her spread. Rufus’ parents (Boris & Rynette) are legendary for their entertaining (some people would call them “feeders”) and you can always be guaranteed exceptionally good food and a lot of it, cheesy jokes and alot of laughs when you kuier with them!



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