Atlantic Days

We have just finished our first leg of the Atlantic! Aftertwo weeks at seathat cold beer(s) is sure gonnago down well! With regards to the crossing, let me begin with : what an incredible experience. After I’ve said  that,  I must admit that I had envisioned it rather differently. Something more like blue skies, calm warm water and copious amounts of sea life. It was almost like that, except for the blue skies and calms seas bit. I hadn’t realised how much the boat would actually be moving.  I mean obviously I knew, but IT MOVES ALL THE TIME. Sleeping, cooking and doing pretty much anything, is a challenging task. I was on the verge of throwing the dishes across the saloon on anumber of occasions in pure frustration. Everything ends up on the floor anyway.

Being outin the middle of the Atlantic makes up for all these things. There is nothing more peaceful then the sound of a boat gliding through the water while being pushed by the wind. There is a vast expanse of nothingness but in that emptiness is an abundance of life. I couldn’t believe how many birds we saw and how they have been with us for the entirety of the journey. Travelling by sail boat is travelling in slow motion. It gives you time to think, to enjoy and embrace all that is happening around you.

The cold weather and rough seas have made the journey a challenging one but one that I would do again in a second. We plan on staying on St Helena Island for about a week and I hope in that time the Atlantic chills out so that the next leg of the crossing consists of all those wonderful things that filled me dreams. 


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