Fernando de Noronha

Ever since my first visit in 2002, the island of Fernando de Noronha has occupied a special place in my memory.  Having been declared a National Park, the archipelago with its many smaller islands, inlets and isolated rocks boasts a large number of marine and bird species.

With three of the islands amazing beaches featuring in the top five rated beaches in Brazil, the island is truly a magical place. I could not have asked for a more perfect backdrop when I asked Vivian to marry me on “Cacimba do Padre” beach…she said YES!!

Being a World Heritage site, cruising boats are charged heavily for anchoring off, and visiting the island. Arriving at the tail end of a decent swell, lots of activities had to be packed into the two days we planned to spend on Fernando!

The rental of a beach buggy made exploring the island with our limited time a bit easier! With surfboards strapped to the roof of  our island mobile we spent our days cruising from one insane beach to the next and enjoying all that the island had to offer. 

During one of our island excursions, we met up with fellow traveller, Manish Agrawal, who treated us to a feast at an amazing restaurant overlooking the beach. Manish was so taken by our story that he generously helped us to extend our stay on the island by one more day! Thank you Manish for your great company and kindness!

After three jam packed days it was time to lift anchor and head for Cabedelo,  mainland Brazil.


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