The second leg of our road trip took us to Olinda, a short bus ride north from Recife. This town is also along the coast but its draw card is not its praias (beaches) but instead its architecture. The historic downtown area is a World Heritage Site and well worth a visit.

Rufus and I spent our time mainly in the histotic area, just wondering through the streets admiring the beautiful buildings. Coming from South Africa, and having the crime rate we do, we are all too familiar with burglar bars and security fences. Olinda’s historic buildings have the same only, theirs is so ornate and exquisite, you can spend hours admiring the design and workmanship.

Unfortunately I did not pack in the charger for our camera and so I was not able to get any good shots of the architecture (I probably wouldn’t have done it justice anyway). Luckily during my online wonderings I came across Ricardo Bevilaqua’s flickr stream and his colourful shots of the town. He kindly allowed me to use some of his pictures to give you an idea of the areas beauty.


                                                                                                                                                      This First published on offtheline.co.za                 

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