Somehow we managed to stay in Joao Pessoa for over three weeks. A glimpse into how easy it is to get stuck while travelling by boat. We decided it was time to move on. After a wonderful time on the peaceful river we got the boat ready for the next leg.

The first stop was Pipa, a small beachside town just south of Natal. We spent the time relaxing on the beach drinking ice cold coconuts and beers while the boys did plenty of surfing. Pipa became a popular local surf spot in the  70’s with its pristine beaches and numerous breaks. Although it has grown somewhat since then, with its bustling tourism and crowded beach bars,  it is still spilling with charm. Pipa is well worth a visit if you ever happen to find yourself in the North East of Brazil and is only a two hour bus ride from Natal. Visit Pipa On Line for more info.

The relatively unprotected bay made for some more than bumpy anchoring and adventurous tender rides . So after two awesome days of taking it easy  the rolling around become enough and it was time to set sail. We arrived in Fortaleza yesterday morning and we will be staying for about two days. This will be our last Brazilian stop so we’ll be stocking up for a lengthy 2 week sail to Trinidad. Bring on the Caribbean!!!


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