Brazil to Tobago

We finally completed our last before the paradise of the Caribbean! This one was extra special because we crossed the Equator!! As per Maritime tradition, we had a Line Crossing Ceremony or, more commonly know nowadays as, an Equator Party to celebrate. Wilhelm served as Neptune, the king of the sea, to give the boat “permission to cross” and Rufus, as our Captain, faced Neptune’s interrogation in order to get his blessing. 

Viv and myself were the only two crew who had not yet crossed the equator and so we had to endure a mini initiation of ash baptism by the captain. After our ceremony was done we each took a turn to swim over the equator line (and wash off all the ashes) and then enjoyed a feast of beef lasagne and chocolate mousse for desert.

Wilhelm created a special drink called a “Stormy Petrel” which combines one part cachaca (a bit of Brazil) and two parts Amarula (a bit of Africa – thank you Sara for the awesome gift!). Rufus also treated us to some of his “flapcakes” (thick flapjacks) and fried sugar cinnamon bananas, DELICIOUS!

After about 13 days at sea with little wind we are happy to be at anchor in Pirate’s Bay, off of Tobago. We’re loving the island life!


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