Fly Burgers

in an earlier post i included a photo of what looks like grey smoke coming out of the lake surface. the “smoke” is actually bajillions of lake flies, mating in mid air, during the rainy season. the BBC: Planet Earth video excerpt above explains this phenomenon a little better.

another interesting byproduct of this “cloud” is a local delicacy, known as “fly burgers”. unfortunately i couldn’t get a shot of them at the Nkhata Bay market but they are basically made up of a whole lot of tiny flies mushed together into a large black “burger patty”.

the flies are normally caught alive, whizzing in the air, with nets but a lot of the time it’s easier for the women who make them to sweep dead flies off the floor. hearing this we decided to skip the local culinary delight, juuuuust in case we got a floor fly burger…

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