Night Lights

This post is a bit out of sequence (have a few more posts to do before we get to Trinidad) but I felt like putting these up now.

We did a night sail from Grenada (Prickly Bay) to Chaguaramas in Trinidad last week. We’re here to do some maintenance and upgrades on the boat, in preparation for the Pacific leg of our trip. 

Night sailing can be quite boring, not much to see, and if you have an autopilot doing the work for you, not much to do other than look out for the odd boat/ship on the horizon.  

Just off of Trinidad’s northern coast however, there is an oil field populated by huge oil rigs and at night they are quite spectacular with all their lights. We sailed quite close to this one and in my sleepy haze (it was 2am after all) I battled with the night settings on my camera. I obviously tried to get a clear focused shot but in the end, with all the rolling and heeling of the boat, most were out of focus. Ultimately my favorites are the more fuzzy ones, not the one I managed to get “right”. This is the result… 

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