A Good Year

2014 has been a busy (hence the limited, sporadic blog posting :/ ) blessed year: We left our “real” life of expat work in Zambia for our “dream” life of circumnavigating the globe with our sailboat. We travelled across 3 different continents, more than 20 islands and over 10 countries in total. 

We pushed ourselves harder than we thought we would ever be able to handle; physically, mentally and emotionally. We did another 3 month mini refit on our boat. We had the opportunity to work with 2 great companies in the Caribbean and begin our careers in the luxury yacht charter industry. We had the opportunity to participate in some inspirational creative projects. We celebrated our 6yr wedding anniversary by renewing our vows at the place we first met 13yrs ago. We lost some precious people in our lives but we also gained some exceptional friends from all around the world. The further we have travelled away from home the tighter our bond with our families has become.

This year’s constant changes and challenges have given us the opportunity to clearly define our goals and plans for our lives together. We are focused. We are determined. Most of all we are thankful.

We hope that our families and friends have a phenomenal new year and that 2015 brings you all the good things in life: love, laughter, challenges and growth.



on the roof of the Camera Obscura, overlooking Old Havana, Cuba. Dec 2014.
on the roof of the Camera Obscura, overlooking Old Havana, Cuba. Dec 2014.

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