Lobster Love

As mentioned in the previous post, we are currently based in Belize, running catamaran charters up and down the islands. On every charter I prepare a lobster dinner for our guests. We normally get our seafood from the local fishing co-op in Belize City. I usually serve the lobster tails with coconut rice and rum flambéd plantain for dinner, on the first night of most charters.

This time however we weren’t able to source good sized tails from the local suppliers (we never buy undersized) so we left port without it. Fortunately we came across a couple of friendly fishermen, in a new (to us) snorkel spot, near Bluefield range.

The fishermen gave us 6 just caught, whole, live ones and Rufus got the opportunity to butcher his first lobsters! It turns out that murdering lobster is rather simple: decapitation.

We barbecued them  on the beach today, at Goff’s Caye.  (no photos of the finished product because we were too busy eating it). Simple and delicious.

lobster butcher
lobster butcher
lobster head back into the ocean
lobster head back into the ocean


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