TTSA 2014: Part 2 – Brampton Wines

If you didn’t read my last post, and you haven’t figured out the title yet, “TTSA” means “Throwback to South Africa”. This one is about Brampton Wines, a restaurant/bar/wine shop in Stellenbosch.

With a name like Brampton Wines you would think we went there to drink wine, but no. We had beer. We also olives and Rufus drew on the table. That might sound odd (or pretty normal, if you know Rufus well) but they encourage table art. Each surface is covered in blackboard paint and a huge jar of colourful chalk perched on each table.

Rufus appropriately drew a sailboat called “Kettie”, my name as pronounced and spelled by Zambians (the locals are not known for their spelling skills, and their national language is English…).

Obviously I cannot comment on their food (olives don’t count) or wines but the place is a colourful feast for the eye and it’s in a beautiful spot in the town’s centre. Their beer is good, local craft brewery creations, like Wild Beast pictured below,  and you can create art on their furniture. Pretty rad.

Go to there. It’s fun.

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