TTSA 2014: Part 3 – Die Plaas

We have a dream… another one. Our dream is to have a farm/piece of land one day. We discovered one particular piece of property near the area that Rufus’ father’s family comes from, the Sandveld. Directly translated it means “Sand Field” and that’s exactly what it is – a large area of sandy ground. A lot of farming takes place in this district, mostly wheat, potatoes and livestock.

The weekend we took this trip, we went to stay on Carla’s family plaas (farm) and to visit our little plaashuisie (shepherds cottage). We have an agreement with her father, Oom Karel, that we can use the house for free as long as we take care of it “en niks afbreek nie” (and not break anything down).  We didn’t spend much time there as we usually do though. Instead we took day trips out to see the surrounding towns and more specifically, the piece of land Rufus had set his heart on. This was the second time we had visited the property. The first was 4 years ago, before we sold our house and bought Melody to sail the world. It took me a while to be completely convinced about this specific piece of land but, in the year that has passed since our last visit, our sights have turned to Central America to settle (at this stage in our lives).

This area still holds a special place in our hearts – it’s where we fell in love and where Rufus proposed, it’s where special friends and family live and it holds some of our most precious memories. We will always be drawn back there, even if we never settle in South Africa again.

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