Home Sweet Home

I finally got my external hard drive back! That means I can start posting all the good stuff from our 3 month stay¬†in South Africa. The first one I want to begin with is the beautiful home of our friends, Evi and Jochem. They generously allowed us to use it as our own for a big part of our stay in SA. They also trusted us with their three furry children: Jack, Juno and Oscar. Needless to say we totally fell in love with these three characters and it was a particularly hard goodbye for me with Juno ūüôĀ

Evi and Jochem are the talented duo behind Home Concept, a company based in Somerset West, that specialises in creating exquisite homes from the plans for a bare piece of ground, the construction and project management, right through to furnishing the interior of the completed home and even creating custom pieces of furniture tailored to their individual clients. Rufus and I have been involved, in a small part, with a few of their projects (through our steel fabrication company, when we were still based in South Africa) and every time we go back to South Africa we get updates and view the new projects.

It is truly a “WOW” moment every time we step into¬†one of their homes. It is clear that each project is extremely personal to them both and no expense, personal or otherwise is spared to make sure that every detail is perfect and their client’s dream realised. They have a very high standard and so it is somewhat intimidating photographing their home¬†and posting on their work!

Thank you to you both for your generosity and love. We are always blown away by how much you give of yourselves, not just to us but everyone in your lives, even strangers. Thank you for inspiring us and supporting us in our dreams. You are family x

Jack on the left and Oscar (the boss) above Jack on the left and Oscar (the boss) above Juno and her toy Juno and her toy

Sunset over the Helderberg valley with Pa and Rufus Sunset over the Helderberg valley with Pa and Rufus

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