Road Trip

We spend most of our time outside of South Africa but, whenever we go home, we are always blown away by it’s beauty. The Western Cape is especially beautiful for me, because of the diversity of the landscape and how quickly you can get from white sandy beaches to tropical forests to fynbos covered mountains or snow capped peaks overlooking perfectly manicured vineyard valleys.

Diana, my ridiculously generous best friend, loaned me her car for our entire three month stay, no strings attached. SERIOUSLY. I cannot begin to explain what a blessing that was and I don’t know how I will ever thank her. When I returned it to her just before we left, she told me that she and Anton believed it was “going to a better home” where it would be “taken care of”. Haha! I almost sprayed my coffee through my nose… I hope we did just that. Thank you, lady. x

We took a few days off from building Rufus’ dad’s house to visit friends up the coast and these are a few shots from the car on our way up to Mossel Bay.

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