Private Paradise

Ranguana Caye is a beautiful little private island, our favourite in the South. It is situated 29km/18 miles, about one hour speedboat ride, from Placencia, on the Southern Coast of Belize.

It plays host to three wooden cabanas (plus one for staff), built on stilts, which sleep max three people each. Everything is solar powered – there are no TV’s or telephones, no cell or wifi reception. Communication to the outside world is via VHF (marine radio) only and there is a generator for emergencies.

Our most memorable trip there was on Sea Dale with Ken and Elizabeth. When we arrived we were lucky enough to have it to ourselves. The water was crystal clear and warm. The pelicans were curious and eager to have their photo taken.

The caretakers were friendly and gave us space to enjoy the island and its waters all to ourselves. I spent most of my time wandering around taking photos, occasionally running into Rufus, usually hiding in between the coconut trees waiting to jump out and surprise me or being shadowed by a curious pelican.

There is a small restaurant and bar on the island, which opens only for guests, and pre-booked day trip visitors. Because it is so remote everything needs to be planned ahead of time, provisioning being part of that, just like we do on charter.  It is literally a 2 minute ride from the famous barrier reef, for some of the best diving and snorkeling in Belize and the fishing is apparently good too. I think most guests just just relax and enjoy the precious peace and quiet though – tanning, kayaking, swimming and drinking rum punch cocktails.

The owners have done a great job of creating a comfortable retreat without disturbing any of the natural island atmosphere. It still feels untouched and deserted. You have no choice but to relax and destress in that kind of environment.

pathway to the restaurant and bar pathway to the restaurant and bar view of the boat from the island view of the boat from the island pelicans posing pelicans posing

wanderings wanderings

restaurant restaurant

mini private beach mini private beach

view from one of the cabanas view from one of the cabanas hide and peek hide and peek

Rufus and his pelican companion Rufus and his pelican companion

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