Tourbiking through Guatemala

It’s been a while, I know! But we have something special for you… This, dear friends, is our first real “edited” video!!

This was Rufus’ baby and, for his first time editing like this, on a new (very basic) program, I think it’s pretty rad (I’ve watched it about 20 times and laughed my ass of at our super glamorous selves).

We rented a bike and took a 3 day trip through part of Guatemala; from Antigua to the Pacific coast, inland to Lake Atitlan and back to Antigua. We rode through rivers, along black sandy beaches, on winding highways in the rain, through forests and plantations, froze our backsides off at the top of volcanos and eventually back down to the historic cobblestone streets of Antigua.

I will do a post on Antigua in the next few days, with photos and details of the rest of our trip and the time we spent in Antigua itself.

Enjoy the clip and let us know what you think!

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