Melody For Sale

S/Y Melody, Pacific Crossing 2016

I didn’t think I would have to write these words before the end of our circumnavigation, but journeys evolve and Melody needs a new crew to continue hers.

For so long, returning to Melody and continuing the circumnavigation, kept me focused. The realisation that I will never see or sail her again is devastating. I fought it for a good while but inevitably you have to accept that life’s course isn’t always the same one you have charted for yourself.

So, if we cannot continue with her, my hope and desire is that someone else will. That her new crew will love and enjoy her as much as we did.

Right now she is on the hard, on the island of Hiva-Oa, in French Polynesia, and she’s waiting for her new owner(s). So if that’s you please contact us here and have a look at her page for more photos and details: S/Y MELODY

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