Tanked Up

Wow….what a weekend! On Friday afternoon the diesel tanks were finally sealed up – It won’t be long now before the 80hp Fomoco roars back to life! Revelling in our achievement we decided to push on with the saloon bunks and ended up camping out on old Melody after watching some live music at Bertie’s Mooring.

Chris and Carla popped in for lunch on Saturday, which only added to our motivation. By late Sunday afternoon the saloon started to come together, with both the Port and Starboard settees in place. After tidying up we went for a celebratory beer at Bertie’s where we bumped into Pieter, Beth and friends. Pieter and Beth visited Melody shortly after she arrived in Gordon’s Bay and were pleasantly surprised by all that has happened since then.

The aim for this week is to get the settees sanded and painted, so that hopefully we can start on the wooden trims next weekend.


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1. Extreme Carpentry is not always fun 2. Closing up the diesel tank 3. Diesel tank 4. Lighting things up 5. Viv dominating the stb settee part one 6. Viv dominating the stb settee part two 7. Chris pulling out a not so uncommon South African specie 8. Carla, Viv & Wil 9. Stb settee 10. Saloon, looking aft 11. View from companionway 12. Batmanning overboard aka Aquabatting 

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